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WEBCON BPS (Enterprise Low-Code application platform)


When we advise our customers about serious, enterprise-grade low-code application platforms, we advise them to use WEBCON BPS.

WEBCON BPS is an enterprise Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) for digital process automation. It allows you to build process-centric applications for every business need. It will help you by digitalizing and automating business processes, introducing standardization and best practices, and optimizing workflows across departments and borders.

Teams Consulting is WEBCON’s partner, and we work very closely with the WEBCON team.

WEBCON is an Application Factory

WEBCON is one platform for delivering dozens, or hundreds, of applications with a consistent look and feel and with unified status and task management. Every piece of every application can be reused, and it is easy to keep track of it all.

Talk to us about establishing a WEBCON-powered application factory in your company – we will bring you up to speed, and help you develop and deliver enterprise-level business apps.

WEBCON integrates forms, data, workflow… everything

With WEBCON, you are building an entire application in one place rather than building little pieces of an application and figuring out how to knit them together afterwards.

Talk to us about how to establish work-together environments, where business and IT can jointly be prototyping apps which can be delivered using a WEBCON app factory approach.

WEBCON enables continuous improvements

Change management and continuous improvement are wired into its DNA. The cost of corrections and improvements is close to zero. You can start right away, not worrying about being right the first time.

Whoever was developing applications before knows one thing: a software is never finished. Luckily, that is not a problem with WEBCON: talk to us about establishing change management procedures for WEBCON apps which are already in production.

Ultra-fast time-to-business

WEBCON offers automatic documentation and project creation. All quality assurance tools – such as security, logging, auditing, analytics, and deployment logistics – are an integral part of the WEBCON platform and each solution that is built upon that.

Advanced compliance, security and lifecycle management features

WEBCON handles auditing, compliance, security, documentation, packaging & deployment, and metrics & monitoring. Those crucial attributes are an integral part of the whole platform, and each individual solution is based on WEBCON as its foundation.