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About us

Value, not hours. Solutions, not meetings.

We are your trusted technology partner with decades of industry experience and a passion for delivering strategies and solutions on top of Microsoft Cloud.

We are innovators, we are trusted advisors, and we are passionate technologists who aim to provide added value and practical business solutions, rather than selling hours (we are not into that at all).

Our team – comprising Microsoft Regional Directors, Microsoft Azure and Office server and service MVPs, Microsoft Certified Masters and Microsoft Certified Architects, and Azure advisors – has decades of experience in each of these technologies.

Our people, in their Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP roles, often work directly with Microsoft on the development of these and upcoming technologies.

Bingen am Rhein

Where are we

We are based in Bingen am Rhein, Germany, but also in many other parts of the globe. The main office is situated 20 metres from the Rochusberg vineyards (where the first Riesling in the world was grown), 50 metres from the Rhine shores, and a 30-minute drive from Frankfurt Airport. Yes, we are conveniently close to Frankfurt, but with style.

You can also find us in Edinburgh (UK) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The gloomy Edinburgh weather makes a welcome contrast to the warm and sunny Rhine-Valley, which fosters the development of ingenious ideas and products. The creativity and crazy spirit of Sarajevo fuels our team there, and shows us all how people with different backgrounds and religions can laugh and work together.

Power Platform Environments

What we deliver

Value, not hours. Solutions, not meetings.

We have decades of experience in our core technologies: Microsoft Azure (who we’ve worked with since the start), Microsoft 365 (members of our team participated in the creation of the very first versions of SharePoint, BPOS and Office 365), Power Platform (members of our team wrote the very first guidelines on extending Power Platform), Document Management and Records Managements (we worked heavily on creation of the DMS/RMS platform KORTO), and app factories based on Enterprise Low-code platform WEBCON, with whom we have a close partnership.

We connect the dots between those platforms and we create solutions which span multiple technologies to deliver added value.

Our work ethos is to deliver value, not to sell hours. We don’t do countless meetings. We listen, we analyze, we advise, and we deliver.

Core values

Our values

  • Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.
  • Respect our social environment.
  • Use technology to fight the climate crisis.
  • Promote and enable digital inclusion as a core value of today’s society.

Strategic partnerships


For obvious reasons, our main partner is Microsoft. In our team, we have Microsoft Regional Directors, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Certified Masters, and Microsoft Certified Architects. We know Microsoft’s technologies, especially Microsoft Cloud. That’s our home.


We co-created KORTO. It is our sister company, and a product that is very dear to us. Yes, we truly believe that it’s the best Records Management solution on the market today. We know all the ins and outs of it, and we can completely re-imagine your Records Management processes using KORTO.


For app factories, and the development of enterprise-level business applications in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid, our platform of choice is WEBCON BPS – an enterprise low-code process automation platform. We work closely with the WEBCON engineering team, which gives us timely insights into the latest developments and an additional edge when working on customer projects.